Tesco Livingston DC

‘The job completed by the experts from the TC Specialist Services cladding team has been superb. Their professionalism and commitment in delivering the result in all sorts of weathers was exceptional.  The end result of their efforts in restoring the outside of the building to its former glory has been quite simply “brilliant”, making such a big impact to my fellow colleagues who work here.’


Ian Seagriff, Deputy Distribution Centre Manager

Tesco Livingston DC

With over 50 years’ experience of delivering services nationally, we are proud to be associated with some of the UK’s biggest names in the High Street. Recently a 10-man team completed a project to clean the cladding of Tesco’s Distribution Centre in Livingston, Scotland. 


Tesco’s Distribution Centre opened in Livingston, Scotland in May, 2008 covering an area of over 1.75 million square feet.  This makes it Tesco’s largest Distribution Centre in Europe which serves all Tesco stores across Scotland and Northern Ireland.  To comprehend just how large the site is, it takes almost 2 minutes just to drive by one side of the facility in a car at 30mph.

The challenge

Eight years after the facility opening in 2008, the cladding had lost its brilliant white finish meaning that it didn’t reflect the vibrant and exciting place to work that Tesco aims to be.   In addition to this, there was an environmental consideration; the build-up of pollutants on the cladding which caused the “greying”, resulted in an increase in energy consumption to maintain the Triple chamber at the required temperatures.


Having delivered consistently high audit scores for the management of the Cleaning, Catering & Security services at the site, since deploying over 100 TCFM “Best in Class” staff, in July 2014, we were confident that our 10 man TC Specialist Services team would be able to transform the facility’s exterior.

To deliver this transformation, our Specialist Service team worked in all weathers and conditions, sometimes facing all weathers in just one day!

Matt Stacey, TC Facilities Management Specialist Services Operations Manager was part of the 10-man team working on delivering the cladding clean:

“I left for Livingston from my home in South-East England where the sun was shining and temperatures were over 20 degrees C.  Having only packed light clothes I was overwhelmed to be greeted by very changeable conditions in Livingston.  In just a number of hours I faced a mix of sun, torrential rain, hail and high speed winds.

The high speed winds proved particularly challenging as, due to working at height we needed to ensure that wind speeds were constantly monitored and minute by minute assessments made to ensure that each team member was working within safety guidelines.”

In addition to the wind speed challenges, the constant arrival and departure of haulage lorries to the nearby Grangemouth rail terminal, was another consideration that the team had to be mindful of.

These hazards, whilst adding more pressure to the job made the results more rewarding as the outcome has been staggering.  Each day it was noticeable that the original brilliant white was now shining through.


The equipment used to enable the transformation included a mix of our bespoke Reach & Wash system and the Aquilla Jet washers.  The Reach and Wash system allowed the experienced cladding team to clean areas up to a height of 30 ft.  Above this height, we then operated from a number of Cherry Pickers using the Aquilla Jet Wash system.  This combination has delivered a superb result, restoring the Livingston facility back to how it looked when it first opened in May 2008.


The results can be seen for themselves by just taking a look at the before, during and after pictures.  The exterior of the building has been completely transformed and through the work we have undertaken here we believe that we’ve made coming to work a brighter and fresher experience for the Tesco Colleagues who work here.  Additionally, the removal of pollutants from the cladding by our team also offers an environmental benefit as the systems used to maintain Tesco’s merchandise in premium condition within the Triple Chamber, will now use less energy.

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