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Progressing within a role

If you’re in a specific role, you can push yourself to progress to be the very best you can be in it.

Emma Benstead, IT Support

Emma Benstead is approaching her 9th year of working for TC Facilities Management.

Her love of Admin and IT admin in particular has seen her continually develop in her role at TC Facilities Management, enabling her to take on new skills and abilities and with it help the business grow from strength to strength.

What’s your background?

I’ve always worked in Administration type roles.  I started my work life after leaving school at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London completing a Youth Training Scheme or YTS as it was known back then.  I completed an NVQ in Business administration.

I then spent some time focussing on bringing up my family of 2 children looking to return to work in an administration capacity wanting to turn my focus towards a more technical slant.

What prompted you to come and work at TC Facilities Management?

My job search drew my attention to a role within the IT department here at TCFM.  The role looked really interesting in an ideal location that was easy to get to from where I was living.

What do you enjoy about working at TC Facilities Management?

I really do enjoy my job as it’s so varied and has provided me with the opportunity to continually learn new things as the business has developed and grown.  It is a really friendly company to work for.  The friendliness both within the IT team and more broadly with every team in the business, makes it something I am more than happy to get up for every day.

The other thing I like about it is that although we are an in excess £80 million company, I don’t feel that we’re so big that you get lost.

What have been some of the ways that you’ve been able to increase your skills in doing your everyday job?

There’s been a lot of on-the-job learning which I’ve been able to achieve through a variety of ways.  These have included tapping in to my inquisitive nature of being able to pick things up through trial and error as well as using the wealth of on-line resources that can be accessed to through Google.

The team I work with have also been an invaluable resource who are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise across the team to ensure that we able to resolve any issues IT users have as quickly as possible.

Being one of the first people at the Head office in Surrey to complete an IT User apprenticeship programme at TCFM filled me with immense pride.

What prompted you to consider completing an apprenticeship?

I was inspired to consider doing this by someone in the learning and development team, based here at the Head Office.  They mentioned that there was an apprenticeship in IT User which was ideally suited to the role I was doing at the time.  It would also provide me with the opportunity to extend my skills which made me look in to a little more as I love being able to continually grow in what I do.

How has completing the apprenticeship helped you in your job?

It has enabled me to adopt more extensive use of excel along with shortcuts that I’ve been able to pass on to my work colleagues that I have contact with every day.

Along with this I believe I’m even more confident in the way I now do my job and have enjoyed being able to push myself to do something new.

How were you supported to complete your apprenticeship? 

My manager and the whole team totally supported me completing my apprenticeship by providing cover for my role when I had meetings with my mentor along with helping me thinking through the answers to questions I had about how best to address issues presented as part of the apprenticeship.