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An opportunity to grow in confidence

I received a visit from Terry, the contract manager recently, and he mentioned how different I seemed. I never realised I had changed so much over 3 years. Working in multiple stores has given me the opportunity to be more confident.”

James Pickering, Upholstery Cleaner, BHF Contract in the North West

James Pickering has just completed his 3rd year of working at TC Facilities Management (TCFM).
We invited James to share with us his experience of providing our upholstery cleaning service to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Furniture and Electrical Store in Stockport.

What’s your background?

I had been a volunteer at the Stockport Furniture and Electrical store

What prompted you to come and work at TC Facilities Management?

The store manager at the Stockport store, at the time put me forward for the position.  I had been a volunteer there for around 3 months.

On the 26th of January 2015, TCFM employed me to be an upholstery cleaner. This was 3 years ago almost to the day. I remember the interview Terry gave me, to say I was nervous, is an understatement.  It was my first job, so my first interview. I knew I had to make an impression of sorts but I didn’t feel I was very good at communication or had good people skills. I felt I stumbled over my words and was over-thinking most things that I said.  However, I got offered the job.  I was so delighted.

What do you enjoy about working at TC Facilities Management?

I really enjoy going to the different places, meeting new people at the different stores I work in, doing the upholstery cleaning.  The atmosphere is different at each store which means I have to adapt to each place which I like an awful lot.

What have been some of the ways that you’ve been able to increase your skills in doing your everyday job?

Customer feedback has been crucial to increasing my skills as customers do comment on how the upholstery looks better & also with more experience I’ve been able to increase my productivity.  As well as this, I’ve learnt what upholstery will come clean and what is more difficult to clean, so I can advise our client (BHF) accordingly.