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    About the Fresh Start Programme

    The Fresh Start programme enables prospective candidates to try out a job as well as giving the hiring manager a better understanding of what reasonable adjustments are needed to be made in order for a candidate to be successful in the role. Candidates are either offered work trials or hired directly, working with TCFM managers and Remploy in-work support colleagues to complete development sessions and training.  An example of the documentation used to facilitate this process is available on request.
    Line managers are also educated to enable them to understand what candidates can do rather than what they are not able to do, resulting in TCFM becoming an employer with increasing disability confidence.
    Rachel Gardiner, Head of HR (pictured right) said:

    Work trials are perfect for giving candidates an opportunity to show what they can do in the workplace. A conventional interview probably isn’t the best way to show how good you are at mopping a floor! When it comes to disability employment, we strive to get it right every time and that is where Remploy helps. There really is no reason not to employ disabled people.


The Fresh Start Programme

  • Unlocks the potential in disabled people
  • Placing over 1200 disabled people in to meaningful employment per year
  • Delivering a benefit locally to disabled people
  • Facilitating reasonable workplace adjustments to achieve business objectives
  • Supporting our clients’ CSR principles
  • Upskilling our managers to build a Disability Confident Business

Do you want to make a Fresh Start?

If you live with a disability and are interested in finding employment with us help is just a phone call away.
All you need to do is contact Remploy, let them know you're interested in working for us and they'll be able to do the rest.