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    It all started with one man and his van

    When Trevor Cripps started TC in 1962 he didn't want to be the biggest but he did want to be brilliant at what he did. And over the last 55 years TC Facilities Management (TCFM) has never lost that passion to be brilliant at everything we do.

    Today we are still family-owned and provide solutions that can help you achieve your goals. From cleaning services of single locations to full facilities management solutions across the UK our experts will help you create what you need.

The hallmarks of our business

  • Consistent performance against KPIs and audit scores.
  • Personal and reliable service
  • Over 6000 staff employed across the country
  • Catering provided to over 14,000 people every day
  • Well being programmes that care and support our staff
  • Window cleaning at over 2000 sites every week

Providing the people and skills to make your business shine

Having partnered with a number of high profile retail, DC, Stadia and Office clients, our hope is that you’ll feel confident that we can deliver the services you need at your location. We  understand that every business and every site is unique. We achieve this by using a pioneering and customer-centric approach to deliver a service that is shaped through understanding the needs of your business as well as being flexible enough to adapt to its dynamic nature.

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