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Fire & Flood Disaster Recovery

Our Fire Clean-Up and Restoration solutions are available 24/7/365. Our expertly trained Specialist Operatives will attend the site within our fast response times and deliver our robust service to minimise disruption to BAU caused by a fire.

How we can help

Our Specialist Operatives can attend any site within 4 hours of an enquiry to use a number of industry-leading techniques to get your home or business up and running quickly.

We will work to minimise the structural damage caused by a fire which can render your property unusable while paying due attention to mitigating the potential health hazards posed by the scene of a fire. The secondary effects of fire damage are known to lead to health problems if carcinogens are inhaled over a long duration of time. We will therefore deliver our cleaning services as soon as it is safe to do so, minimising any further risks to your colleagues and customers.

We will remove compromised or damaged materials, including plasterboard, dry lining, skirting boards, carpets or upholstery, disposing of all materials in line with waste treatment licensing guidelines. Once a strip-out is completed, a further inspection will be conducted to ensure there are no further soot deposits throughout the property and that no key areas are missed: ensuring a safe site for your colleagues and stakeholders to return to.

Why choose us?

4-hour emergency response, 24/7/365

Damaged materials disposed of in line with waste treatment licensing guidelines

Thorough inspection to remove soot deposits which can contribute to the inhalation of carcinogens

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Emergency response

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