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Total Compliance

Our Total Compliance team provide specialist cleaning services for your sites in the distribution, logistics, pharmaceuticals, vacant property, construction, manufacturing, or food production industry.

We understand the importance of maintaining continuous adherence to industry regulations and the management of best practices. We will ensure operational productivity and adherence to stringent health and safety standards at all times. Our commitment includes delivering all our specialist services with a primary focus on minimising downtime and disruption to your regular business operations

Which specialist services does Total Compliance deliver?

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How does Total Compliance deliver specialist cleaning for your industry?


Industry-specific experience

Your sites will be kept to enhanced levels of cleanliness, safety and compliance. As proven by our consistently achieved audit scores of 95+% in your sector.


Enhanced training

Your teams will receive enhanced training not just for their jobs, but to ensure best practice is continually met in your working environment.


Health & safety

Your specialist cleaners will demonstrate a health and safety mindset from day one. They will be accredited and qualified to the necessary levels to work on your sites compliantly.


Central support functions

Your services will be reinforced by our resilient 24/7/365 centralised support infrastructure and specialist services helpdesk to handle all of your ad hoc requests.


Innovation for productivity

You will see continuous improvements in automation and productivity through added value technologies. These will allow our team to focus on tasks needing a human eye


Making best practice a habit

You will experience consistently high standards every day. Our diligent approach leaves no room for error or mistakes which would cause downtime costing you time and money.


Planned or Emergencies

You demand and we respond. We can provide an emergency response within 4 hours or we can also plan services up to 4 weeks in advance.


Expert knowledge

Your skilled technicians and their work will be overseen by senior technical managers with IOSH and NEBOSH training.


Qualified colleagues

Your operatives will have the qualifications needed for your services. Operatives are trained to work at height, Grease Hygiene and Specialist Viral Infection Control, BESA-Qualified and PAT Testing Certified.