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Great compliance is absolutely critical for your business to function.

Your work demands strict adherence to company policies and industry regulations, alongside diligent monitoring of workplace health and safety practices. TCFM’s Total Compliance team are experts in delivering best practice to sites like yours. Our industry accreditations such as ISOs 9001, 14001 and 45001 are demonstrate our ability to consistently maintain exceptionally high standards. We use highly-digitised processes for real-time reporting to give you the accountability you need. Our advanced technology and innovative ideas drive efficiencies in productivity and value, whilst continually improving the quality we deliver.

How can our Total Compliance team help you?

Our Total Compliance team deliver reliably high quality in a range of services.


Our cleaning team ensure you have clean and sterilised equipment, machinery, and working environments. We are safe, compliant, keep your spaces working to optimal functionality.


Our security team follow strict protocols to keep highly-confidential, high-profile and high-value sites, colleagues and stakeholders safe. We are vigilant, with a keen eye for risk and threat.


Our specialist team keep your sites clean and safe ensuring no dust, dirt or debris can disrupt your work. We rapidly respond to emergencies, minimising operational downtime.


Our facilities team manage the integral functions of your business ensuring your teams can focus on doing their jobs. We keep you working to high-productivity without disturbance to your operations.

Our Service Offerings

Is Total Compliance the right service area for you?

Distribution & logistics

Our Total Compliance facilities services keep warehouses, distribution centres, loading bays and packing floors working to optimal productivity.

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Our Total Compliance facilities services work to GMP standards, ensuring factory floors and production lines are free from contamination or disruption.

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Our Total Compliance facilities services work in highly-classified, quality-sensitive drug production and testing sites, delivering GXP standards.

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Our Total Compliance facilities services support building sites, renovations and new builds with a health and safety mindset for high-risk management.

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Our Total Compliance facilities services help rail, road and bus companies, creating quality for customers whilst adhering to industry safety guidelines.

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Vacant property

Our Total Compliance facilities services deactivate and reactivate buildings safely, complying with SFG30 mothballing protocols.

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Food production

Our Total Compliance facilities services maintain hygienic environments for food factories, minimising unsafe contamination and dangerous hazards.

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