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Great care immediately reassures your service users and puts their mind at ease.

It creates a calming place to be whilst reinforcing trust and quality. TCFM’s Total Care team sensitively support you with quality services reflective of the care you provide. We are a reassuring presence, and an integral part of your compassionate community. Our Total Care Team don’t just manage your facilities, they initiate ripples of positive change and heart-felt warmth through their work.

How can our Total Care team help you?

Our Total Care team expertly deliver our full range of services, completely tailored to suit your business needs.


Our cleaning team provide clean, fresh and hygienic spaces you can trust. Their quality is faultless and their approach is discreet.


Our security team compassionately keep your service users safe. Their respect supports your people with integrity.


Our specialist team discreetly maintain your periodic, ad hoc and emergency tasks. They keep your sites at their best.


Our facilities management team ensure your colleagues can provide your service users with the best possible care.

Our Service Offerings

Is Total Care the best fit for your business?

NHS & private healthcare

Our Total Care facilities services in medical practices, clinics and hospitals ensure patients feel confidence and reassurance when using your health services.

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Our Total Care facilities services in private, independent and chain nurseries keep children safe and thriving in your early learning environments.

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Our Total Care facilities services in schools, colleges and universities create learning environments for your pupils and teachers to flourish.

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Charities and third sector

Our Total Care facilities services in charities, NGOs and not-for-profits offices and retail stores boost your fundraising operations and profits.

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Nursing homes

Our Total Care facilities services in nursing homes, care homes, respite homes, and hospices give residents dignity and keep them safe.

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Social housing

Our Total Care facilities services in social housing and HMOs support your families in need of safe, secure and considerate accommodation.

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